Tuya Smart Android App & RTSP Port Edit Lacking

Discussion in 'Tuya App' started by Herod, May 3, 2024.

  1. Herod

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    Wansview Q3 Camera hidden in a clock.

    In Tuya Smart Android app, there is no setting to change RTSP port; nor ONVIF port.

    How do I change the camera's RTSP port, and ONVIF port via Tuya?

    An image within Tuya settings to show there is no setting for port edit.

    Thank you

  2. Jackie

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    To change the camera's RTSP port and ONVIF port via Tuya, you can follow these general steps. Please note that the specific steps may vary based on the Tuya AHD Door Phone Intercom System model and the Tuya app version. It's recommended to refer to the user manual or contact Tuya support for model-specific guidance.

    Changing the Camera's RTSP Port and ONVIF Port via Tuya
    1. Access the Tuya Smart Home App: Open the Tuya Smart Home app on your smartphone or connected device.

    2. Login and Navigate to the Camera Settings: Log in to your Tuya account and navigate to the settings for the AHD Door Phone Intercom System camera.

    3. Locate the Camera Settings Menu: Within the app, find the specific camera device for which you want to change the RTSP port and ONVIF port. This may involve selecting the camera from a list of connected devices or accessing the camera settings from within a specific location or group.

    4. Access Advanced Settings or Device Settings: Look for an option to access advanced settings or device-specific settings for the camera. This may be represented by a gear icon or a settings menu within the camera's interface.

    5. Edit Network Settings: Within the camera's settings, look for an option related to network settings. This is where you can typically modify the RTSP port and ONVIF port for the camera.

    6. Modify RTSP and ONVIF Ports: Once you've located the network settings, you should be able to change the RTSP port and ONVIF port to your desired values. Typically, this involves entering the new port numbers in the designated fields provided by the app.

    7. Save and Apply Changes: After entering the new port numbers, ensure to save or apply the changes within the app. This may involve tapping a "Save" or "Apply" button within the network settings interface.

    8. Restart the Camera: It's advisable to restart the camera after making changes to ensure that the new port settings take effect.