Smart Life App with wifi GSM alarm system cannot add siren

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Paul Bennett, Sep 6, 2023.

  1. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett New Member

    I have a Tuya WIFI GSM alarm system to which I have added all sensors. I bought a separate Tuya outdoor siren which will not add to the alarm system devices.
    I have added the alarm system to the Smart Life app and I can add the siren to the app. If adding a device to the alarm system within the app it will only allow to do so by scanning and cannot be done manually.
    How can I make the siren trigger when the alarm system is activated? Surely this is a key requirement for an alarm system.
  2. Jackie

    Jackie Member

    1. Typically the wireless siren works with the alarm panel through 433MHz communication, not the Wi-Fi.
    To make them work together, users need to add the alarm panel to the siren.
    The step shows below:
    a. Power on the siren
    b. Pressing "program/pair" button on the wireless siren, and ensuing it enters into "program/pair" mode.
    c. Triggering SOS alarm by tapping the button on the panel (do not use the keyfob/remote controller to do this).
    d. The wireless siren will respond if it receives the alarm signal from the alarm panel.
    e. Test if they can work together.

    2. The above method (1) is not applicable for smart wireless siren that using Wi-Fi connection.
    For smart wireless siren (Wi-Fi), you can run the app then create a scene to make them work together.