NVR can find the cameras, but I see no video.

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  1. Anonymous

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    I am struggling to get video transmission on my 16 channel NVR. Could you please assist me in making this connection?

    The NVR can find the cameras, but I see no video. I am also not sure which Name and Password to use.
  2. Anonymous

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    1. Running the yoosee app, and enable ‘nvr connection’, then modify the password for the connection.
    2. Adding the camera to the nvr by using the default username: admin, password should be the one you have modified via the yoosee app.

    You can test the connection by playing rtsp stream, the example shows as below:
    rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/onvif1
    Lastly, ensuring both cameras and the nvr are in the same local network.
  3. DavideModena75

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    Hi ,
    I have made all passages like you write before but nvr continue to add correct camera but i not see any video remain black.
    Do you have some idea ?
  4. Jackie

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    By the way, ensuring the NVR's resolution is higher than the resolution of camera.
    E.g. if your NVR only supports 1080p resolution, the NVR will not display video/image when camera's resolution is 3MP/4MP/5MP.
    Therefore, you may increase the NVR's resolution, or lower the camera's resolution.