Failed to establish encrypted channel

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    If you want to access the video of your security camera or smart video doorbell, it shows the error "Failed to establish encrypted channel", and you can't view the video.

    The solution is you may close the app and re-running the Tuyasmart/Smart Life app.
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    Failed establishing an encrypted channel or Retrieving video stream failed" means camera is offline.

    1. Please make sure that the signal of the network environment where the device is located is strong and stable.
    2. Please reset the camera and reconfigure it.
    3. You may close the app and clear up the APPs running in the background, then re-running the TuyaSmart/Smart Life app.
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    In order to maintain a stable network connection, you may try procedures as below:
    0. Restarting your smartphone.
    1. Checking the Wi-Fi signal of your smart doorbell, ensuring signal level is above 70 percent. If the signal level is lower than this threshold value, try to improve it by using a Wi-Fi booster.
    2. Logining your router's management webpage (e.g., and finding the local IP address of the smart video doorbell and remember it for the next step.
    3. Staying on router's management webpage, and go to "IP/MAC binding" and bind the IP address and MAC address for the device.
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