IP address of Floodlight Cam (Feit) joins random vlan

Discussion in 'Tuya Smart Security Products' started by jrob801, May 26, 2024.

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    Hey all,

    I set up and added a Feit Floodlight cam today, and set it up per instructions in the Tuya app. My router subnet is 192.168.0.x, but when I view the camera in my DHCP tables, it has an IP of 76.x.82.x, while the app shows 76.x.83.x, which somehow matches my WAN (ISP) IP address. My DHCP table also says it's on VLAN3, which is tied to my WAN port and ISP connection. In theory, it should have joined VLAN1, which is where phones and other unrestricted devices live on my network.

    Any ideas what's going on here? It did the same thing when added through the Feit app (which is a thinly skinned Tuya clone). I can't do anything to interact with it on the network level (RTSP, static IP, sandboxing it behind firewall rules, etc), although all of the functions work within the app.