TUYA POE, H.265 IP video doorbell won't power up

Discussion in 'Tuya Smart Security Products' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2024.

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    I’m trying to connect my new TUYA POE, H.265 IP video doorbell, but it won’t power up when connected to my ethernet cable that is coming from my 48v POE injector.

    I’ve confirmed that the ethernet cable coming from my router to the injector, and the ethernet cable from the injector to the doorbell, are both good.

    I’ve tried pressing the reset button on the doorbell – no change.

    The POE injector indicates it is powered up fine after plugging it in.

    As a test, I connected the doorbell to the alternative 12v DC power supply instead, and it powered up fine (blue light came on).

    But I have no 110v outlet near where the doorbell is mounted, nor do I want to depend on WIFI.

    Might the ethernet port on the new doorbell be defective?
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    The Tuya PoE smart doorbell is not defective. The PoE function works when the doorbell connects to a standard PoE switch. Regarding to the PoE injectors, the PoE may not work, because the most PoE injectors operate as midspan (1236 for data, 4578 for power supply). If you don't want to use the PoE switch, ensuring you use a PoE injector operates as endspan (1236 for both data and power supply).
    More info, you can refer to this article: How to choose PoE injectors for wired smart doorbells? (tuyaoem.com)