I need help re-setting up my BHT-002 heating controller

Discussion in 'Setup and Configuration' started by duffsparky, Jan 19, 2024.

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    A few days ago I had networking problems associated with a media streaming device connected to a TV and Win 10 laptop. In desperation I reset my router and since then I cannot get access to my BHT-002 heating controller using the Tuya Smartlife app.

    I've been trying to re-setup the controller and app but keep getting an error stating that the SmartLife-XXXX is connected but has no internet (SmartLife-XXXX Connected, no internet). Also each time I try, the WiFi icon on device i'm using (android phone) changes from the normal connected icon to one with an X in it.

    I've disconnected the power to the heating controller in the hope it will reset it but the problem still exists.

    Any one able to help? I tried Tuya support chat but they were not very helpful