Using water leak detector to control water level

Discussion in 'Tuya Smart IoT' started by Sourjya Sen, Jan 12, 2024.

  1. Sourjya Sen

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    Is it possible to use a pair of Tuya water leak detectors & two irrigation timers (TM1 - out & TM2- in) to create a setup to auto-cycle aquarium water?

    My idea is to have the two leak sensors located near the top (T1) and near the bottom of the tank (B1).

    1. T1 & B1 are typically submerged in water and always armed.

    2. On a weekly cycle, TM1 starts pumping water out till the water level goes below B1. B1 is disarmed at this point. T1 is also disarmed.

    3. Disarming of B1 triggers TM2, to start pumping water back into the aquarium.

    4. The water level continues to rise till it reaches T1. T1 get armed at this point and stops the inflow of water through TM2.

    Onto weekly repeat now. Does this sound like a feasible idea? Has anyone designed something similar?