Wrong config for notifications?

Discussion in 'Tuya App' started by M Bado, Nov 30, 2023.

  1. M Bado

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    Dear All,

    I'm using the Tuya Smart App and have a Zigbee Gateway with many sensors connected to it, one of them is a motion detector,
    Can someone please advise why if i have the Disarm selected, always when the motion detector detects someone i get a notification? How to make it only when Armed
    Searched everywhere couldn't find an answer

  2. PCO

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    See the attached screenshots Screenshot_20231130-221115.png Screenshot_20231130-221018.png
  3. M Bado

    M Bado New Member

    Thanks for the info,

    Do you have an idea how to activate the Siren switch if alarm is activated when system is Armed, and turn off siren activation when it is disarmed