Power consumption data: app Vs IoT Platform

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    Simple smart switch with power/voltage measurement.

    In Tuya app, in device -> electric ->November -> I see chart and, for instance, 4th of November I see 1,76. I guess those are kW, so during while day connected device consumed 1,76kW.

    When I will go to IoT Platform ->device debugging -> device logs -> Power -> from 2023-11-04 00:00 to 23:59
    and I will summarize all Event Details (divided by 100 to be exact) it will give 4,47kW

    I think I'm missing something important here. Could anyone tell me why there is such a difference?
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    It looks like device reports average power consumption in kWh (not kW!) during measured period of time.
    So let's say device reports "2.00" at 9:00 am and previous report was at 8:30 am.
    Measured period = 30 min. So total energy taken is 1 kW.
    (average consumption 2kWh for 30 minutes gives 1kW eaten)
    To summarize daily consumption, each reported period has to be calculated separately and results then summarized.
    Calculating in this way gives results similar +/- 5% to Tuya application

    Problem: daily summaries of power consumption reported in Tuya App are totally WRONG.
    I believe that this is problem of the device and not the app or platform itself.

    I connected smart plug (cost ~$20) and certified EM112 Carlo Gavazzi 1-phase meter.
    The only device powered is refrigerator.
    Measurement period: 14 days.
    Smart plug reports: 27.56 kW
    Certified power meter: 7.27 kW

    This is HUGE! Almoust 4 times more!