Room map takes a very long time to load

Discussion in 'Tuya App' started by Elger, Oct 15, 2023.

  1. Elger

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    I have a robot vacuum cleaner that uses the Tuya Smart app. When I turn on any view that has a map on it, the map appears very slowly.

    Sometimes I see the words "map drawing," sometimes just a white background, and sometimes it takes several minutes before the map appears.

    It also takes a long time for maps to appear on the screen for selecting saved maps or on the map editing screen.

    Interestingly, the buttons respond immediately. I can turn on "Smart cleaning" or "pause" and it works right away, even when no map has appeared.

    On several smartphones there is the same problem. I have a broadband Internet connection and the robot is in Wifi range. I also checked the availability of the servers that the app connects to and the pings to them are very good and on the router I can see that the app is getting data from them.

    What could be the reason for such a slow appearance of the map? It is very annoying.