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    all of a sudden i started getting this error message "loading failed. Please try again later. (99999)
    What does this mean and why has this started all of a sudden?
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    Have you fix this?I am receiving this error on my tuya door lock. Can't configure it. I already unbinded and re-added it but it did not fix the problem.
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    Exactly my problem as well!
    It is the weirdest error I have EVER tried to debug.
    For me the error occurs whenever trying to access HISTORIC data (e.g. energy by month) for a SPECIFIC WiFi socket. Suddenly, out of the blue it cannot be accessed, will freeze the app or throw the 99999 error, depending on Smart Life revisi9ns used.
    If this happens in Smart Life on that Android device there is NO WAY to ever fix it again.
    I tried clearing the app cache, wiping the app data, reboot the Android device, I tried to deinstall and reinstall the Smart Life app, tried duĂ­fferent revisions. I deinstalled the questionable Tuya WiFi socket from Smart Life and linked it again, the error will come back..
    The error remains with that Android device FOREVER! The same app and WiFI socket data can still be accessed by other Android tablets or phones, even with the MEmu Android emulator under Windows. But if it suddenly fails there, then the error will remain as well. Even when deinstalling the MEmum emulator and installing a new version of it on that Windows machine!!
    HOW DOES SMART LIFE REMEMBER THIS??! Is this 'smart'??????

    This makes absolutely no sense in the world. The issue MUST be with the remote data storage on the Tuya site and its 'memory' about Android devices accessing specific Tuya appliances. They seem to know your machine ID and keep track of that remotely.
    BTW: newer versions of Tuya crash hard when they stumble across this history chart retrieval; they simply freeze the app (5.5..).
    Older versions of Smart Life (4,x) will at least exhibit the message "Loading failed. Please try again later (99999)".

    As said this is the most irritating software bug I have ever seen in my life:
    all works until a first occurance of this error on an Android device. After that there is NO WAY BACK WHATSOEVER, while the same Tuya device can show history data on other Android devices, until the same issue pops up there as well. Over time you will be locked, for LIFE on ALL YOUR systems (Android tabs, phones, emulators..).

    Hard to explain, impossible to fix.
    Screen shots of the issue (error messsage in older Smart Life revs, freezing the app in newer revisions,

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