Link Doorbell Camera to Siren

Discussion in 'Tuya App' started by Mike Langensiepen, Jul 14, 2023.

  1. Mike Langensiepen

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    Hi all,
    We are just testing the Tuya devices and have a PIR sensor successfully linked to a Siren using Tap-to-Run. However, we want the new Doorbell Camera we just bought to activate the Siren when the Doorbell button is pushed.

    The Doorbell Camera is setyp and working fine - we can view the camera through the app, the doorbell button causes the app to pop up and give a camera view etc.

    When I try and add a Tap-to-Run in Scenes, the only device I can select is the PIR sensor.

    If I go to the Smart icon, I can't add anything - all I see is Gain Insights, Camera Control (which does not allow me to set a Doorbell button detect) and the Featured button. Surely this setup should allow me to activate some remote sirens?

    What am I missing please? Any help is appreciated
  2. PCO

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    You need to use Automations under Scenes not Tap-in-Run.