Logging in Each Time You Use Different Apple Device

Discussion in 'Setup and Configuration' started by Anthony Sullivan, Feb 15, 2023.

  1. Anthony Sullivan

    Anthony Sullivan New Member

    In our family we each have an iPhone and iPad. Each time we want to view the cameras on a different device we have to log in with password. This is very irritating and not necessary. How can we stop this requirement? Thanks. Anthony
  2. Joelle

    Joelle New Member

    if you only have 1 account an you open the same account with a different phone it will log-out from the previous phone that you used.. what you can do is register a phone with different account and then share the camera from the phone in which it was installed to the other phone which has a different account that way you don't need to login everytime you use a different phone
  3. Karen Fernanda

    Karen Fernanda New Member

    boa tarde! Tenho uma câmera dessas e quando fui acessar o aplicativo recebi a mensagem de que havia logado em outro lugar. Mas não fiz login em outro lugar nem compartilhei o acesso. Você pode me dizer o que poderia ser?