Does Tuya IoT & cloud work the same if devices on the Smart Life App & not the Tuya App

Discussion in 'Tuya Smart IoT' started by Bignose2, Nov 2, 2022.

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    Does Tuya IoT product development work the same if devices are set up via Smart Life App instead of Tuya App.

    Tuya App is being extremely slow to open when 10+ devices are on the App, Android SGS21 Ultra
    Tried lots of things so now going to try Smart Life but before moving everything over, which means removing all devices from Tuya & complete re-add inc. routines
    (I know technically the same but thought would try)
    However I have a few devices set up on IoT platform (no-code developer)
    Does this all still work when devices are set up/added via Smart Life App. I am sure I once read (can't find now) that either is won't work or not advisable. I may keep both on my Android phone, handy to had different notification sounds for different devices.
    Thanks I/A