I made a delay timer at the start of arming with Tuya Smart's automated task function, but somet

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    I have several Zigbee sensor.

    I want to use with the tuya smart trigger function in this Alarm Host system, but the alarm is issued with a detection signal even during the delay time at the start of arming, unlike the 433MH's sensor.

    So, I set the same delay time with the Tuya automation trigger function.

    This task works fine, but sometimes security doesn't start properly.

    When I wanted to disarm once during the delay timer, it did not stop unless I disabled the activated automation task, so I temporarily disabled the automation task for the Tuya click task for crime prevention cancellation.

    thank you

    Tuya automation trigger function (Armed delay timer)
    1: Delay time 60 sec
    2: Home security, Device Mode: Away

    Click Tuya task (Armed)
    1: Armed delay timer (Tuya automation trigger):Active

    Click Tuya task (Disarmed)
    1:Home security, Device Mode: Disarmed
    2:Armed delay timer (Tuya automation trigger): Disable