When the Zegbee sensor use in smart trigger, the start of Armed delay timer is ignored.

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    Let me ask you a question about Tuya Smart trigger for home security.

    I have several Zigbee sensor I want to use with the tuya smart trigger function in this Alarm Host system, but the siren sound does not come out on the home security side.

    Please let me know if there is the best way.
    The tuya smart trigger setting when the zigbee sensor detects it is set as follows.

    1: Alarm Host, Entry Delay: 14sec
    2: Alarm Host, Siren Duration: 13min
    3: Alarm Host, Siren: On
    4: Alarm Host, Master state: Alarm

    If you assign it to SOS when triggering the Zigbee sensor, the siren will sound.
    However, the time of Armed Delay and Sensor Delay is completely ignored, and the siren sounds immediately.

    1: Alarm Host, Device Mode: SOS

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