Upgrade firmware Xmeye ICSee security cameras

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    If you have wireless security cameras using xmeye/icsee app, you're able to upgrade the firmware through TF card. It's straigtforward to upgrade the firmwave, just preparing a good microSD/TF memory card then put the two files in the root folder.
    The two files include camera's firmware, which you can obtain it from Xiongmai wikipedia page: baike.xm030.cn, and sd_run.sh file.
    Inserting the memory card to your camera, power on the camera, the camera will start to flash the firmware.
    Certainly, you can edit the bat file and tweak it according to your own requirements.
    echo "start"
    if [ -e /home/mac ];then
        a=<code>ifconfig eth0|grep eth0|awk &#039;{print $5}&#039;</code>
        b=<code>cat /home/mac|sed &#039;y/abcdef/ABCDEF/&#039;</code>
        if [ "$a" = "$b" ];then
            if [ -e /home/upgraded ];then
                c=<code>cat /home/upgraded</code>
            if [ "$b" != "$c" ];then
                echo "upgrade successfully!"
                /home/i2s_play /home/shengjichenggong.pcm
                echo $b > /home/upgraded
    if [ -e /home/test/xm_autorun.sh ];then
        echo "run /home/test/xm_autorun.sh"
        /home/test/xm_autorun.sh &
        echo "/home/test/xm_autorun.sh not exist"
    exit 0
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    I was make sd and firmware on TF after put on not upgrade. Please help me
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    insert sd to camera and waited , but no upgrade and not work camera,
    old version cleaned and won't copy new file
    pls help me
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    It worked for me. I only registered account to say thank you. My camera firmware: V5.00.R02.000807B4.00000.348417.0000000