Smart Lights Going Offline

Discussion in 'Tuya Smart IoT' started by Wayne de Jager, Nov 29, 2021.

  1. Wayne de Jager

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    I have about 20 light switches installed, some 1, 2 and 3 way switches. The house is fully meshed with wifi ( strong signals ) 200MBS Fibre incoming to Tenda router onto 6 x Deco M5 mesh.

    Periodically , as often as daily, a few switches will go "offline". This becomes a big problem because when the switch goes"offline" then the mechanical portion of the switch doesnt work ( i.e pressing the switch buttons do nothing ) - problematic when the lights are on and you want to goto sleep and the device is offline ( switch doesnt work ).

    I have asked on numerous platforms how to reset a "offline" switch and it seems you cannot? Am i missing something basic here because if i am not then that is a fatal flaw in the architecture of the hardware and firmware....

    Any help please?