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    I am new on this forum, and with Tuya Smart APP under Android
    -FIRST Temperature Sensor as BHT-002-GB Zigbee:
    it seems to give nothing pertinent except ( Power, Mode & Lock ) ,
    Not Switch 16A state, or Temperature level ........
    So you can't add any scenario, because the 3 above parameter are stupid.
    -SECOND Temperature Humidity Sensor as modele ZC-W1 ( on battery, without screen):
    it give Temperature and Humidity level

    THIRD : Scenario : on my sensor modele ZC-W1 , I add a scenario as
    IF temperature <18°C THEN ON my HeatingRelay
    it is working, but NEVER OFF, even if the Heating system put the temperature to 25°C
    Because when temperature >18°C , the HeatingRelay don't go OFF
    So i try to add a second Scenario, but it is impossible, because under Tuya Smart APP, there is ONLY on Scenario by Sensor, NO MORE !!!

    My question : How you can do it a simple automation as : Manage Heating with Scenario ?
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    Note : excuse my english... I am French

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