SOS button to trigger a doorbell sound ?

Discussion in 'Tuya Smart Security Products' started by lo2rand, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. lo2rand

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    I bought a wifi alarm with door bell capabilities, together with an SOS panic button.
    When I press the SOS button, I get a red flashing light and the siren alarm (or not). I would like the doorbell sound instead of the siren alarm so I created some automated conditions. But it does not ring the doorbell…
    Any help please ?
    (If not, I will have to buy the doorbell button)

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  2. aiber

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    follow as this way:

    phone setup - notification setup -
    select tuya or smart home app
    select bottom - notification catagory ,

    in catagory there is 5-6 different notification kind, and can setup different sound to them.

    short notify is, programs message alert sound, when my door sensor is on , it gives message notification with sound, i change sound from this place.

    you can try all notification sections and can find which one is you alarm section and can change sound easy.