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Discussion in 'Tuya App' started by Rampestamper, Mar 19, 2021.

  1. Rampestamper

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    I have a door sensor in my bedroom. When i am going to bed i want to turn off all the remaining lights. But i want this with a delay so when my girlfriend is going to do something in the bedroom for a couple of minutes i dont want the lights to turn off in the livingroom. How can i make a delay in the doorsensor that it is only turning off the lights when the door is closed for a couple of minutes. If the door is opend again in those few minutes i want it to do nothing.
  2. Mogens Berg

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    Hey. I have a similar question, so if you have found a solution, I'm very interested.
    best regards Mogens
  3. Andyplay

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    (sorry if something sounds weird but my app is in spanish and Im translating for you)

    What I would do is create "if the state of the sensor changes then " ->"delay action (2 mins) + turn off