Camera has been recorded but no video in playback

Discussion in 'Setup and Configuration' started by trungnv08, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. trungnv08

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    I configured my yoosee cameras according to the instructions of yoosee but i can't see video at playback, the TF card capacity is still decreasing.
    I'm using "manual record" mode. Screenshot_2020-07-25-12-36-15-388_com.yoosee.jpg Screenshot_2020-07-25-12-35-55-309_com.yoosee.jpg
  2. mjs

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    the same heren

    Its a app problem,

    I qm using netcam studio woth windows 10 for best result
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  3. olivia

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    can you please tech us how to add camera on netcam? i cant add my camera there
  4. trungnv08

    trungnv08 New Member

    Oh, i will try it. Thanks
  5. Lewis-H

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    No sound on videos android is one of the most faced issues by the users. Several factors can lead to this problem. If your android device is lagging any codecs then you can face this issue. The faulty media player app, as well as the corrupted file, can all contribute to this issue.
  6. itasky

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    same problem