Strange messages from Yoosee

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by markoff.stas, May 8, 2019.

  1. markoff.stas

    markoff.stas New Member

    Hi, today received several such messages.

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  2. Leigh

    Leigh New Member

    I had that thismorning. Thought someone was trying to hack the camera. Glad i aint the only one.
  3. ballz

    ballz New Member

    my sister emergency call me this morning and yelled someone trying to hack our camera and sent this pic to me (as attached)

    it is an android phone which got this weird notification but not me and my mom who using iphone.

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  4. Leigh

    Leigh New Member

    Just haf another message Screenshot_20190508-054648.png
  5. Leigh

    Leigh New Member

    I be having same messages.... ,aaaaaaa,. The thing is, my camera hasnt been plugged in for a while as i have recently moved. So i am not sure if anyone can attempt to hack it.
  6. Mats Wale

    Mats Wale New Member

    Same thing for me.
    Changing password did not help
  7. bzmiguez

    bzmiguez New Member

    I just received 5 messages. Is it normal?
  8. Chase

    Chase New Member

    Same here

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  9. Chase

    Chase New Member

    We’re just now recovering multiple as well
  10. ballz

    ballz New Member

    why no support team of yoosee answer this thread

    was it alien or human did this?
  11. Amicus

    Amicus New Member

    I have received couple of those on ma Android phone.
    I can't find any message in message tab of the Yoosee app, just Android notification.
    Does anyone know what (and why) we receive those notifocations?
  12. Vlado74

    Vlado74 New Member

    I received also few strange messages. As well cannot open settings for each camera's!!!
  13. bzmiguez

    bzmiguez New Member

    I received the same! :mad:
  14. Chase

    Chase New Member

    We unplugged ours and the notifications stopped. Probably not gonna plug it back in to be honest. Will be leaving a review online for sure.
  15. jshtash

    jshtash New Member

    Getting the same here doesn't appear that anyone else is on my camera. I have a Samsung s10, my wife isn't getting these on her iphone.
  16. bzmiguez

    bzmiguez New Member

    Here is the admin mail.

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  17. ms74ro

    ms74ro New Member

    I received the same messages. I disconnected the camera from the power supply to be sure.



  18. Leigh

    Leigh New Member

    Thats the same messages i have seen
  19. williamthompson

    williamthompson New Member

    I have recieved the same messages.
    Apart from push notifications, my camera started rotating and making random weird noises. After that i unplugged it, removed the camera from my account and uninstalled the app.

    I guess, there was a massive security breach, and now, after hackers have stolen our account details, they're just messing with us all. I... Guess.
  20. Leigh

    Leigh New Member

    I never created an account until thismorning to reply to this thread. Plus my camera hasnt been plugged in for ages