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    I use this CMS version from this web and its good because I could join 2 types of ONVIF camera to one CMS which can not be possible with the yoose provided. The CMS version provided in the yoosee website only works with yoosee camera but not with other brands so I have to use this one below

    I´ve changed the password according to the tutorial so I can enter to the playbacks and see the video streaming the first day. But the next day I could not see any more. :(:([​IMG]

    I´ve tried with port 5000 , 8000, 80 , 554 admin/admin/ my password but nothing works always getting time limited exceed or TIMEOUT, also reset too but nothing works :(

    I think I should change the ip .34 to .35 or something ... I do not know what to do... what do you think is the problem?

    Hope you can help me
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    Hi there,
    Obviously, something wrong with your input.
    The Onvif port number is 5000, the port 554 is for RTSP stream. Correct your information, it will work with your video management software.

    By the way, after reboot, it's likely your camera will use a different local IP address.
    To solve this, you can bind IP address and camera's MAC address together, therefore it will not change local IP address.
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    Video demo:
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    my tuya 8ch nvr password reset how to do